Do the most important thing first

Like many people, I have many things I want to do, and many fewer hours available in which to do the things than would be required to do all the things. Hence, some prioritising is necessary. I'll handwave over how to do the prioritising today, because that would be a longer post that would require research and citations and—surprise surprise!—I don't have that kind of time today. Or rather I should say that I am not willing to allocate that amount of time to that today. Time can't be made, and we have as much as there is in a day, so it's all about deciding how to use that time.

Assuming that one has prioritised what one wants to do, the best advice that I've ever seen on how to actually get it done is this: do the most important thing first. Not the quickest thing, not the most satisfying thing; the most important thing. This means that whatever else happens in your day, you are guaranteed to make at least some progress on the thing you've decided is most important.

As I am an expert in not following my own advice, I did not do the most important thing first today, which is why you're getting this dashed off (or 📱'd 📥, if you wanna be mean about it, Ray) post instead of something more insightful or thought-provoking.

And now I'm off for a quick run before I go over to a friend's place to play some Dominion!

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Published: 2022-08-27

Tagged: waffle