Story of a mediocre fan: chapter 4

Today's main story is that the final chapter of "Story of a mediocre fan" has been published over on 7amkickoff! Four weeks, 18,383 words, countless lessons about writing learned. I'm so grateful to Tim from 7amkickoff for giving me the opportunity to write something that lots of Arsenal fans will see! 💜

The other news of the day is that I finally got Civilization V working on my laptop! You can read the coda to Installing Steam on NixOS in 50 simple steps if you want the details, or you can just bask in this glorious screenshot with me:

Screenshot of the Civ V opening screen, playing as Darius I of Persia


I also had some шкембе чорба for lunch, which is a Bulgarian tripe soup that probably comes from Turkey (where it's called işkembe çorbası, according to Bulgarian Wikipedia) via the Ottoman Empire. Spicy and delicious!

Tonight is the first big match of the Women's Euro 2022 for me tonight, as Sweden and the Netherlands play, pitting Arsenal striker Stina Blackstenius against Arsenal striker converted to number 10 Vivianne Miedema and former Arsenal midfielder Daniëlle van de Donk. Since each team has one current Arsenal player, by my rules, I should cheer for the Netherlands, since they also have a former Arsenal player, but rules be damned, I'm cheering for Sweden, because I live here and consider international sports the one acceptable place for nationalism.

Heja Sverige, and hej då allihop!

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Published: 2022-07-09

Tagged: arsenal stories