A quick check-in

I started the day off with a nice game of tennis with my friend Joanna, then sat down at my desk and reworked the final chapter of "Story of a mediocre fan", which should go out tomorrow. I'm not entirely happy with my execution, but I learned a lot in writing it, and uncovered a lot of lovely memories that were buried somewhere in the drafty attic that is my brain.

I also watched the Spain-Finland match in the Women's Euro 2022, which was a really good game, thanks to massive underdogs Finland scoring in the second minute and then refusing to quit against a hugely talented Spain side. I'm watching the end of the first half of Germany-Denmark right now. I want to write a longer post about women's football, because as much as I'm enjoying this tournament, I'm not enjoying some of the nonsense on Twitter. For some reason, a certain sort of man has to either make stupid sexist jokes or talk about how his son's under 7 team could beat any of these teams, instead of just not watching the football if that's not his thing.

But that's a subject for another day, when I'm not tired and cranky. For now, I'm going to post this, then go find myself a beer and watch the second half.

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Published: 2022-07-08

Tagged: football euro-2022 waffle