Hotter than hell... sinki

It's Tuesday, and I have a litany of complaints. First and most importantly, it's hotter than hell... sinki here in Stockholm! Look, I'll show you:

Screenshot of weather forecast for Stockholm and

Damn the lying Norwegians and their lies! At least we're going to get some relief tomorrow, whilst our neighbours to the northeast will suffer, so that's something. All jokes aside, the Norwegian Metrological Institute does provide an excellent weather service, so feel free to enjoy their oil wealth-fuelled excellence. ;)

The hell / Helsinki thing, whilst it may appear at first glance to be a dad joke, was actually invented by my friend Adam, who once got in trouble for telling his sister Ana (who is an awesome person that I exchanged Star Wars novels and "Pride and Prejudice"-related quips with back in the day) to go to to Helsinki, with a delay of about 30 minutes between the "hell" and the "sinki" bits, according to Adam.

So where was I? Oh yes, a litany of complaints. I've covered the heat, so let me move onto the fact that I need to write 3000-4000 words of the third and final chapter of "Story of a mediocre fan" by Thursday morning, and I currently have 0 words done. I texted my friend Simon for advice, thinking that since he's a professional journalist and all, he'd know how to get me unstuck. His answer:

Screenshot of iMessage chat. Simon says: Ha. Easy. It's like walking. Anyone
can do it. It all depends on what 'writing' means.

What a jerk! Why are we friends again? (I hope he's not reading this, because I want to borrow his kayak to paddle around Lake Mälaren tomorrow morning before it gets to hot to think.)

So anyway, I need to start writing about Arsenal, something that normally fills my heart with joy, but for some reason I'm looking for any distraction that I can find (did the dishes, started some laundry, watered the plants, took out the recycling, walked the very good boy, wrote a much longer blog post than intended).

Lemme just check Clojurians Slack to see if Ray sent me anything...

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Published: 2022-06-28

Tagged: waffle