Tennis, anyone?

I'll make today's post (relatively) short and (hopefully) sweet, as I've spent a big chunk of the day working on Blambda! and I need to actually start writing the third and final chapter of "Story of a mediocre fan" so that it's ready to post by Thursday.

I played tennis for the first time in at least 15 years this morning with my friend Joanna. It felt good to be back on the court despite having a bruised rib and accidentally picking up my gym shoes instead of the brand new tennis shoes I got for my birthday (the soles had completely dried out on my old shoes, which isn't all that surprising since they are 20 years old and haven't been worn in at least 15 years) and it being a gazillion degrees in Stockholm today (30 C). It was also obvious that I need to find a wall and hit against it quite a lot until I remember what a good forehand feels like. Oh yeah, and I need to relearn how to serve, apparently, since the only serves I got in today came off the frame of the racquet. Oh yeah, and I also need to get one of those goofy glasses strap thingies so I can play with my glasses on, otherwise I can't see the ball until it's too late, so I'm always a little behind the ball.

All of those nitpicks aside, I had a brilliant time. I hadn't quite forgotten how much I love the game, but it was a little like meeting a childhood friend for the first time in ages--you know intellectually that you'll have a great time handing out with them, but actually hanging out in person is even more amazing than you thought it would be.

We played on an indoor court at a tennis club, which was nice, but expensive. An hour cost 190 SEK (more or less 20 dollars or euros), and that's half price because it's summer and Stockholm is deserted between midsommar and August. Normal price is close to 400 an hour! I'm really annoyed at how expensive it is to play in Stockholm, since there are basically no public courts, so you always have to rent a court or be a member somewhere. Growing up in the US, many public parks have tennis courts which are free to play on and are first come, first served. If that had not been the case, I never would have ended up playing tennis for my entire teenage years, because I certainly couldn't afford court fees at a private club.

My friend May did discover a rare and wonderful public court near her house on a walk one day, and I had planned to take my bike over there to check it out today, but it is 34 bloody degrees out there, so that will have to wait for another day.

Speaking of 34 degrees outside, I now need to take Rover out for his evening walk. Luckily there's a forest right by my house, so at least we can be in the shade, but the poor fellow absolutely hates the heat, and just trudges along morosely looking like Eeyore.

Eeyore the donkey, as rendered by Disney, looks sadly at the

All right folx, hope you have a good one and you're keeping cooler than Rover and I are!

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Published: 2022-06-27

Tagged: tennis