So close!

The family and I are sitting on the sofa in Malaga, watching the Austria-Germany quarterfinal match in the Women's EUR0 2022. I'm of course cheering for Austria, since they have two Arsenal players (goalkeeper Manu Zinsberger and right back Laura Wienrother), and also since they are very much the underdogs. It's halftime, and Germany are leading 1-0 due to a ball recovery in midfield and a lightning quick attack, culminating in a drive into the box, pinpoint drag back, fantastic dummy, and laser-guided finish. So that sucks (even thought it was impressive to watch, I have to admit).

However, the best moment in the match so far was when Austria won a corner which Verena Hanshaw took. She found one of her teammates on the edge of the six yard box, who looped a header over the German defenders, leaving the keeper looking on in despair... but then it crashed against the outside of the post instead of nestling into the side of the net. When they showed the replay, we got a look at her name: Georgieva. I turned to my wife, "she has to be Bulgarian, right?" My wife nodded, "Could well be," she said. The match was far too gripping to look away from until halftime, but then I looked her up and saw that she has both Austrian and Bulgarian flags in her Insta profile! (In case you're confused by any of this, my wife is Bulgarian.)

As I write this now, the match is over and Germany have won (of course they have) and my heart is filled with sadness, but also gladness, because we had a lovely day on the beach and in the pool and just hanging out together. My mission to enjoy the vacation is on track!

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Published: 2022-07-21

Tagged: football euro2022