Oh my goodness now what have I done?

I had this great post for y'all today where I fixed the caching issue on my blog and then walked through how I transformed the files to a new format, all in the Clojure REPL.


The programmers amongst you will already be laughing knowingly as I report that in the process of fixing the caching bug, I created 42 new bugs, all of which I needed to fix before I could publish this post. I'm happy to report that I have now fixed 41 of those 42 bugs (that I know about), thus allowing you to read my enthralling commentary on what a bad programmer I am.

Of course, fixing all of those bugs ate up all of the time I had for actually writing the post about how I transformed those files, and I'm due to bike over to Simon's in 10 minutes for an evening of bike repair, drinking, and playing Guitar Hero (I've already stuffed the Xbox 360 and guitars and stuff in my backpack). So my epic REPLing will have to wait until tomorrow, but I'm sure it will be so epic that you'll forget all about the fact that I ☎'d it 📥 today.

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Published: 2022-07-13

Tagged: waffle