Story of a mediocre fan: chapter 2

I finished up chapter 2 of "Story of a mediocre fan" yesterday, but wasn't 100% sure that Tim was planning to post it today, so I figured that I'd better write a piece for today just in case, because it would be terrible to break my streak on a technicality. I took a look at the old todo list, and saw that I intended to enable HTTPS for my blog, so I might as well write about that, in my now legendary "50 simple steps" format (I wanted to link to the "50 simple steps" entries in my archive, but I dunno if the static site generator I'm using supports that, and I'm short on time for reasons that shall become evident tomorrow, so I won't UtSL at the moment--damn, another entry for the todo list!), but then when I reached step 50, I saw that Tim had just tweeted out the link to chapter 2 on his blog, so I abandoned all hope ye who here enter on the HTTPS stuff and wrote this little post instead so that I can link to the piece that counts as my writing for the day but was actually written over the past week or so (shh, don't tell anyone!).

The link, by the way, is in the first sentence, so click it and stop reading this silliness before the end of this sentence which I will end soon but I want to give you a little time to click the link before I reach the end of the sentence which is ending in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... NOW!!!

You can read "Story of a mediocre fan" over on 7amkickoff:

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Published: 2022-06-23

Tagged: arsenal stories