Actually blogging with Clojure

I admit that my previous post on how to create a blog with Clojure may have been slightly tongue in cheek. This one will be less so, since I've actually gotten stuff working. ;)

Assuming that you have Babashka installed (which should be really easy unless you sail into the perfect storm of NixOS + broken zlib), cloning borkdude’s blog repo from Github should give you quite an easy start.

Here's all I needed to do after getting my Babashka issues sorted to make it my own:

  1. Clone the repo: git clone
  2. Update bb.edn to change the publish task to do an aws s3 sync to the S3 bucket my website is hosted from instead of rsync-ing to borkdude's webserver.
  3. Run rm posts/*.md to get rid of all of borkdude's content.
  4. Add a new posts/ file and copy and paste the content from my Medium blog post into it.
  5. Update posts.edn to remove the metadata for borkdude's content and replace it with my single post:
       {:title "Creating a blog with Clojure in 50 simple steps"
        :file ""
        :categories #{"clojure"}
        :date "2022-06-17"}
  6. Update render.clj and change blog-root and atom-feed to reflect that this is my blog and not borkdude's.
  7. Update templates/base.html to comment out the Github discussions link to borkdude's blog (I should put that back in once I make my website repo public) and replace his Twitter username with mine.
  8. Open a pull request to Planet Clojure to pick up instead of my Medium feed.
  9. Run bb publish.
  10. Check out and rejoice!

So it seems like having your kickass Clojure blog and eating it too only takes 10 easy steps, not 50.

🏷 clojure blog babashka
📝 Published: 2022-06-19